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The SrFit™ Mature Fitness course provides advanced training for experienced, certified health and fitness professionals who wish to safely and effectively work with active agers. 

With this course, you will gain an understanding of how the aging process affects all the systems of the body, identify dietary changes that may be needed; and develop effective training strategies to improve flexibility, endurance, strength and optimal function in your mature clients. 

You will learn how to individualize a training regimen that fits the physiological capabilities of mature adults, including those who are very frail and cancer survivors.


Upon successful completion of this program, you will be able to: 

  • Overall objective of the SrFit program: To instruct already certified and experienced fitness professionals so they are able to build upon their existing knowledge and skill to safely and effectively work with the ever-growing senior population, and more specifically teach the trainer to: 

  • Learn and appreciate how the aging process impacts the organ systems, as well as understand the risk factors associated with chronic diseases. 

  • Identify dietary changes that may be needed as a result of aging, and also recognize how diet is related to the different chronic diseases that become more apparent as people grow older. 

  • Gain knowledge of safe and effective training techniques for the older adult, including guidelines specific to older adult flexibility, endurance and strength training. 

  • Be aware of and be capable of conducting comprehensive senior health assessment and fitness testing procedures. 

  • Understand chronic diseases and be able to design and modify programs for clients with specific chronic diseases. 

  • Identify with what motivates the older adult and discover how to create an age friendly environment. 

  • Become skilled at finding and appealing to senior clients, in addition to discovering ways to build your credibility and establish yourself as an expert in the field of senior fitness.

Nearly 77 million Americans, according to the US Census Bureau, are now entering their fifties or older and facing the physical challenges that come with aging. 

Often identified as Baby Boomers, this group more than any generation before them, are focused on fitness and health. 

They also have the time and financial freedom to afford health and fitness products and services. In fact, Boomers represent the largest and fastest growing segment of the fitness market and their expenditures are expected to reach more than $1 TRILLION in the next decade! 

Add to this a shortage of health and fitness professionals qualified to meet their unique needs and you have an incredible opportunity as a fitness professional if you choose to work with this population! 

Information from respected experts in the field such as Wayne Westcott, Jessie Jones, Roberta Rikkli, Vivian Heyward and Debra Rose will be presented, along with how to learn more from these experts. 

In addition, with the updated third edition textbook you will have at your fingertips—by way of direct links within the textbook and also through a virtual appendices on the AAHF website that you can access anytime from anywhere–several hundred pages of informational booklets, client handouts and educational pages to order (free!) or to download and print in both English and Spanish from the National Institute on Aging (NIA), which is part of the National institutes of Health (NIH). 

The NIA also offers free presentation tool kits that include PowerPoint presentations, video content and handouts for you to create expert presentations on the topics of brain health as you age and talking to your doctor.


Virtual Appendices 
Chapter 1: Aging – What is It? 
Chapter 2: General Diet and Nutrition 
Chapter 3: Lifestyle Modifications, Risk Factors and Disease 
Chapter 4: Health Assessment, Evaluation, and Fitness Testing 
Chapter 5: Flexibility 
Chapter 6: Endurance 
Chapter 7: Strength Training 
Chapter 8: Chronic Diseases and Exercise 
Chapter 9: Cancer and the Older Adult 
Chapter 10: Low Back Pain, Posture, and Balance 
Chapter 11: Lifetime Sports: Golf, Tennis, and Swimming 
Chapter 12: Motivation 
Chapter 13: Building Your Business as a Trainer of Older Adults 
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All course materials are available for immediate access and download after purchasing. An email containing access to the online test will be emailed within two business days of purchase.  Exam consists of 50 multiple choice questions and requires a passing score of 70% to earn CECs.

 Online test 
 375-page manual in PDF format
 90-page workbook in PDF format

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