Taking Control of Your Personal Training & Fitness Business

In this online course you will learn how to build a personal training practice and run an efficient and successful fitness business which can be adopted for both the online and in-person environments. 

The goal of this course is to empower personal trainers and fitness professionals to startup or pivot successfully.

If you want to be a personal trainer or desire to grow your business, I highly recommend this book. It is concise, contains step by step implementations and my personal favourite, asks you to answer some self-reflection questions that will help you build your ideal company.
Guy Dufour, CPTN-CPT


  • To learn and apply the G.R.I.T. Framework for business planning

  • To identify the purpose and objectives of your business

  • To articulate key solutions to promote to your niche market

  • To identify your strengths in the development of marketable services

  • To apply business principles and time management to your operations

  • To identify a marketing mix to generate leads and conversions for your niche

  • To create an action plan that can be implemented for your business start-up or pivot

  • To implement personal and professional principles to build a diverse and inclusive personal training and fitness business

This book is a road map for any fitness professional who wants to take their business to the next level. The advice and ideas are specific and actionable to adapting to the changing business landscape.
Joshua Kahn CPTN-CPT.M


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  • The paperback version of the book Online Personal Training: Taking Control of Your Personal Training & Fitness Business will be mailed to you.

Susan has written an engaging, insightful and practical guide for the very new to the highly experienced personal trainer who is embracing the changes of 2020. I plan to implement some of these ideas today.
Laura Sparks, CPTN-CPT


Chapter 1: Introducing G.R.I.T.
Chapter 2: Growth Mindset
Chapter 3: Resilience Strategies
Chapter 4: Inspired P’s
Chapter 5: Taking Actions
Chapter 6: Business Planning & Legal Liability
Chapter 7: Financial Literacy
Chapter 8: Marketing Essentials
Chapter 9: Building Your Website
Chapter 10: Referrals and Social Media
Chapter 11: Client Communications
Chapter 12: Delivering Results & Serving Clients
Chapter 13: Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging
Chapter 14: Moving Forward with G.R.I.T.


An online quiz must be completed and a grade of 70% or higher achieved in order to complete the course and earn continuing education credits. Additional fee applies.


Exam: 90 minutes (1.5 Hours) - 30 multiple-choice questions
Passing Grade:
70% or higher
Success completion of Online Personal Training: Taking Control of Your Personal Training & Fitness Business 


Going Online is a valuable resource by Susan Lee filled with practical strategies during this unprecedented time in history. Lee provides realistic suggestions for fitness professionals to pivot successfully to training online and facilitating successful fitness programs. Her optimistic outlook provides hope for trainers in all aspects of the changing fitness industry.

Paul Aspinall, CPTN-CPT

I am inspired and feel more equipped with valuable resources and tools to further refine my Personal Training business both Online and In-person. This book brought to my attention through self-reflection, some important gaps to be addressed to optimize the delivery of my services. Thank you Susan for inviting me to read your book!

Judy Chu, CPTN-CPT

Susan's book provides terrific guidance for both new and existing health and fitness professionals on starting up a business or changing aspects of their current programs. The step-by-step processes, checklists and examples are amazing and so helpful!

Darren Grandel CPTN-CPT.M

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Online Personal Training course - $180.80

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