Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there financial help for personal trainers who are contractors in a fitness club and trainers who are self employed? 

Response: On March 18th Prime Minister Trudeau announced assistance for individuals who do not qualify for EI as well as small business owners. Click on the following link to learn how to apply for the Canadian Emergency Response Benefit.

Q: Does CPTN have a way that I can reach more clients, or a referal system? 

Response: CPTN provides its certified trainers with the option to complete a trainer profile that is publicly displayed on the Find-a-trainer page of The profile includes your name, photo, location, certifications, specialties, category searches, CECs completed along with the option to provide before/after photos of clients, videos, media sources and client reviews. Each profile is set up by our IT team and SEO formatted for each trainer. Individuals seeking a trainer can then use the Find-a-trainer engine to search for trainers with the criteria they seek. You can also use the URL for your profile page to direct potential clients to information about you and the services you provide online. 

Q: I’d love to learn about how to best make a shift into online training. Is there a resource available that can guide me through the process? 

Response: One resources that you can immediately tap into to help you transition to online training is the Online Trainer Academy program which is offered online.